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11842 Missouri Bottom Road
Hazelwood, MO 63042
phone: (800) 455-4682, fax: (314) 895-8871

In 1987, the Commercial Motor Vehicle Act became law, and the world of trucking was changed forever. Under this law, professional truck drivers must obtain a Commercial Driverís License, or CDL.
The goal of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Act was to make the highways safer for the general public, but it has had another effect as well. Since its passage, the nationwide shortage of qualified truck drivers has grown more severe each year. This has resulted in first-year wages of $30,000 and up for qualified over-the-road drivers.

MTC began in early 1993 as a training center to help individuals interested in acquiring CDL certification and pursuing careers as over-the-road truck drivers.

By completing MTCís 16 day training course, you can receive your CDL license and have a job waiting for you at one of the top motor carriers in America! Here are just a few of the advantages MTC can offer you:

∑ Job Placement with great companies.
∑ Top instructors, each one certified and licensed.
∑ Tuition assistance available for qualified applicants.
∑ Hands-on driver training.
∑ Training program completed in just 16 days.

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